Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Common questions about obesity.

What is the ONLY food that can make us fat?
It is impossible for the body to get fat from consuming protein or fats (with the exception of Trans fats). The only food that can make us fat is Glycerol 3 Phosphate (G3P), which is basically carbohydrates and sugar. Your body converts carbohydrates into sugar, and sugar is stored as fat.

What else can a proper diet do for you?
Along with lowering your weight and waist-line, the proper diet can also give you plenty of energy, takes care of your skin and keeps it looking youthful, helps hydrate your cells to prevent cancer, keeps insulin levels steady to prevent diabetes, and helps keep bad materials out of your arteries to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Is there an easy scientific weight loss program?
This may be a loaded question, but the answer is yes, as long as you have a little knowledge and a little self control. Eliminating carbohydrates and sugar from your diet helps to eliminate continuous hunger cravings. What makes you crave carbohydrates is the consumption of carbohydrates. By eliminating these from your routine, you will not be hungry as often.

Energy is the next key to losing weight. This should not come from coffee, soda, energy drinks, or other sugary and caffeinated products. The best source is from correct essential fatty acids.

Consuming these correct essential fatty acids also help you to lose weight by creating leptin, which causes your body to use your stored up fat to give you energy. The correct essential fatty acids, combines with eliminating carbohydrates, also helps to control your hunger will not be hungry as often, therefore, you will not need to eat all the time.

This process causes the excess fat to melt away, without being hungry all the time.

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