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Common questions about cancer.

What is the single, primary cause of all cancer?
Scientifically, there is one primary cause of all cancer - one. It is an oxygen deficiency at the cellular level. The two foremost contributing causes to crowding oxygen out of the cells, therefore creating cancer, are sugar disguised as carbohydrates and adulterated oils. Sugar causes cancer. Sugar feeds cancer. Without sugar, cancer cells starve to death.

How does a lack of oxygen cause cancer?
There are 100 trillion cells in the human body, with 500-700 mitochondria in each cell. Think of your body as a country, the cells in your body are little villages, and the mitochondria in the cells are some of the villagers. When invaders are introduced to your body (like carbohydrates, sugar, Trans fats), they attack the cells and start crowding the oxygen out. Your immune system is your army for the country. When the soldiers in your army are not properly armed and are weak, they are prone to being defeated, and are able to be overrun. If you properly arm your village (cells), strengthen your army (immune system), and eliminate the invaders (carbohydrates), your country (body) will thrive.

Do you know why prostate and breast cancer occur more often than any other cancers?
The highest concentration of fat resides in the prostate for men and the breast for women. Since fat is caused by the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, which depletes the cells of oxygen, fat cells become cancerous.

What is the relationship between the common cold and caner?
Colds are caused by a weak immune system. Scientists have discovered that cancer is caused by the same thing. When your body's immune system is not strong enough to fight off invaders, it is vulnerable to attack. When the immune system is strong, it is able to attack invaders, including cold viruses and cancer. The best way to increase the strength of your immune system is to give your body the weapon it needs to fight off invaders.

Ascorbate (Mineral C) is the ammunition for the body's immune system. Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is the trigger that makes the ammunition go off. A 25(OH)D test can help determine how much ammunition your body has.

Do you know why there will never be a CURE for cancer?
Once a cells becomes cancerous, through lack of oxygen, there is no can either KILL cancer or prevent cancer. The most celebrated ways to get rid of cancer (notice we didn't say CURE), is surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. These processes kill cancer cells, not CURE them. Although these methods get rid of your cancer, they are not completely getting rid of your cancer. In fact, chemo and radiation kill cancer cells, but in doing so harm healthy cells, which is why many people that go through these methods get cancer again. The American Journal of Oncology has given these methods a little over a 2% chance of keeping a person alive for another 5 years. There are, of course, safer ways to kill cancer, but since they are not accepted by the medical community yet, we will not discuss it yet.

The key is oxygen. Getting oxygen back into the cells before the damage is too severe.

What is the Guaranteed Scientific Anti-Cancer Diet?
Since the cause of ALL cancer is due to a lack of oxygen at the cellular level, the way to combat this is to keep the cells fully oxygenated. Oxygen enters the body through the lungs and is carried to the blood through hemoglobin. Eliminating elements that deplete cell of oxygen (carbohydrates, sugar, and adulterated oils), along with adding correct essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 3), which allows the oxygen into the cells, may help to eliminate cancer. It is impossible for a cell to become cancerous when it is fully oxygenated.

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