Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Common questions about colds and flu's.

Why souldn't I take the flu vaccine?
There are many people, including doctors, scientists, and others in the medical community, that have emphatically refused to take flu vaccinations. Flu vaccines may contain many harmful ingredients, like: mercury, live flu virus, chicken embryos, formaldehyde, ether, and detergent.
There have been cases where flu vaccines have caused neurological disorders, like Geon Bara Syndrome and Autism, and auto-immune conditions. Many people in the medical community believe that the con's outweigh the pro's, therefore are saying NO to the vaccines.

How can I cure my cold?
Advanced doctors and scientists relay what is better than any flu vaccine and increases the immune system by three to five times. It's the hormone vitamin D3. A cold is a result of a vitamin D3 deficiency, which weakens the immune system, and allows viruses to attack the body. In fact the flu vaccine does not prevent flu. The best way to cure a cold, and prevent any other viruses in the future, is to increase the vitamin D3 levels in your body so your immune system can defeat any virus that tries to enter.

Dr. Joe Prendergast further reveals that vitamin D will eventually take the place of all else we do for osteoporosis.

Furthermore, the ball that grows around cancer cells to form a tumor is actually immune cells beginning to attack the cancer. German studies have noted that vitamin D was attracting all the immune cells to the cancer three to ten times a day, causing the cancer to diminish.

How can we save 80% off our medical costs?
Americans catch more than one billion colds per year, which makes it the number one reason for doctor visits and accounts for 80% of doctor visits. The most practiced prescription from doctors to counter colds are antibiotics, which gets rid of the cold or flu in 7 days instead of a week (that's right, it does nothing for a cold). People also take various over-the-counter medicines and miss work, which costs hundreds of dollars, and there is no guarantee relating to long term damage. What if the promethean person used orthomolecular science, spent ten cents on the dollar and the cold was gone in less than a day guaranteed...

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