Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Toxic Assault

Here’s an analogy of the toxic assault most of us are faced with on a daily basis. While you are sleeping you’re exposed to toxins and chemical by-products from your bedding, carpet, air-conditioner or heating unit, paint fumes from your wall, etc.

A trip to the bathroom will assault your body further with thousands of other chemical toxins that are in your cosmetics and toiletries such as toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, deodorant, shampoo, hair spray, shaving cream, lipstick, perfume, and cologne. In many cases manufacturers are not even required by law to list what chemicals are in these products.

That’s before you even sit down to have breakfast when you wake up to a jolt of caffeine from a cup of coffee and eat a sugar-laden donut or pastry. Then you’re hit with more toxins from breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will introduce more sugar, white flower, preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, cancer-causing dyes, artificial flavors, rancid fats, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, and a litany of other toxic additives that eventually get into the blood through digestion.

Then you step outside and breathe contaminated air, especially if you’re in a major city like New York, Los Angeles or Houston. It’s possible you could be breathing thousands of different environmental and industrial contaminants with every breath. You have fluorocarbons, tetra-fluorocarbons, PCB’s, dioxin, industrial contaminants, fossil fuels, paint fumes, mercury, Chemtrails, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and all the other genocides.

Then you’re assaulted from the chemicals in your car coming from your dash board, air freshener, gaseous compounds from your engine, and exhaust fumes. In fact, new evidence suggests that when a vehicle is sitting in the hot sun for long periods of time numerous chemical compounds and by-products are off-gassing in the vehicle.

Combine this with the chemical by-products from industry depending on your profession. For example; if you’re a painter or if you’re a mechanic that’s dealing with turpentine solvents, these chemicals will leach through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Then you have beverage contaminants with your Cokes, Dr. Peppers, carbonated sodas, BHA, BHT, sodium benzoate, Yellow No. 5 dyes, caramel coloring, MSG, aspartame, Splenda, phosphoric acid, and thousands of other chemicals that also get into the blood through digestion.

Then you have your skin, which is literally a sponge with what you’re bathing and showering in and most people, out of ignorance, don’t have a shower filter to filter this garbage out of their municipal water. When you bathe you’re taking in chlorine dioxide, fluoride, bromide, arsenic and all the other chemical by-products they use to treat the water. It is estimated that the average person in a 10-15-minute shower absorbs through their skin the equivalent amount of chemicals that would be found in six glasses of tap water.

So the big picture is by the time you inject, breathe, eat, drink and bathe, not counting your social habits, second-hand smoke, emotional toxins, or the contaminants in your homes, businesses, or airplanes by breathing in recycled air from the air ducts that haven’t been cleaned in five years, you are past a threshold that your body can handle to stay well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you inject, breathe, eat, drink and bathe in more contaminants than your body can eliminate on a daily basis, eventually your payday will come as a degenerative or metabolic disease and a weak link in the chain of organs.

If you’re taking in an accumulated combined total of 50,000 contaminants on Monday and the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, the skin through sweat, and respiratory CO2 output are only capable of dumping 40,000 contaminants, you’re in trouble. By Tuesday you haven’t changed your lifestyle; you have the same job, the same stress, the same eating habits, same social habits, and same job. Day after day you maintain that toxic load at 50,000 or more, and the body is only dumping 40,000 or less.

As time goes on, the immune system weakens, the liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system get congested, and they slow down as far as their filtering capability. Usually a lethargic condition or sluggishness sets in at this time telling you that contamination is occurring at the blood level. Most people, because of sedentary lifestyles that manifest malaise and lethargy ingest toxic stimulants to jump start their adrenals to get them through the day. Then at their jobs, they’re sitting around working on computers. At home they’re watching television and they’re not moving the blood and they’re not moving the lymph fluids. So as time goes on, now the elimination systems, the filtration systems, and the immune system are only capable of removing 30,000 contaminants, then 20,000, then 10,000. As time goes on, the toxic load is maintained but the elimination capability is weakened.

What happens with these extra carcinogens, acids, and toxins? They end up collecting in the blood. Once the blood becomes contaminated, the body goes under what’s called adaption response where it will shove these toxins and poisons into a weak link in the chain of organs; what I call the path of least resistance. This is your genetic predisposition given to you by your parents. Wherever your weakness is, or the path of least resistance, is where the blood is going to choose to store or deposit the toxins in non-priority tissues in order to keep the blood clean and you alive.

If the dump zone is the joints and the blood is shoving these acids and contaminants into the synovial fluid producing cells for storage, what happens next is billions of cells that produce synovial fluid or bursa fluid become congested, contaminated, and suffocated. Eventually it causes a cascading effect of cellular respiration problems and the water, oxygen, and intelligent nutrients can’t get in through the phospholipid membrane.

When billions of cells in the joints can’t produce the joint protecting fluid, you get a dryness and then an immune response of T-cells, macrophages, and NK cells to clean up the toxic mess like a Pac Man. When the white blood cells fight anything they release histamines, cytokines, or prostaglandins which are inflammatory chemicals. This inflammatory response is going to be called arthritis or bursitis by medical science. I want the readers to know that arthritis is not even a disease. “Arth” means joint; “itis” means inflammation. So inflammation of the joint is a description of the cellular malfunction of the synovial fluid or the bursa fluid producing cells.

If the dump zone is the pancreas because that’s your weak link in the chain of organs where the islet or beta cells are that produce insulin and they get congested, suffocated, and contaminated, eventually the cell receptors get clogged and they cannot produce the insulin or receive glucose. When sugar is ingested, sugar regulation is affected and you’re going to go into a hypoglycemic condition eventually leading to the label “diabetes mellitus.” Again, this is cellular malfunction just like bursa joint cell contamination would be cellular malfunction. Two different locations, one disease: Cellular Malfunction.

If the dump zone is the heart where the cardiac cells are located that regulate electrical conduction for heart contraction, eventually you’re going to have arrhythmias or palpitations telling you what’s happening at the cellular level; that the toxic residues and heavy metals are impacted in the arteries, coronaries, or the cardiac tissue. Eventually the symptoms are going to scream louder in an angina pain to tell you that cellular malfunction is more severe. When the cells malfunction in the heart, you’re going to have a label called cardiovascular disease, eventually a myocardial infarction, or a heart attack, if it’s not dealt with by non-toxic, noninvasive treatments.

If the deposition is the frontal lobe of the brain, usually it’s neuro-toxins and heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury coming from your teeth, vaccines, etc. Heavy metals will leak in through the blood brain barrier via the dopaminergic system then the lipid fatty tissue of the brain will attract these heavy metals. If it’s the frontal lobe of the brain where cells regulate cognitive thinking, you’re going to get short-term memory problems and then eventually long-term memory loss called Alzheimer’s disease. Again, these are labels of the same disease: Cellular Malfunction.
If the substantia nigra dopamine producing cells or the corpus striatum in the brain just below the pituitary is the collection or deposition zone for heavy metals and neurotoxins, you’re going to have problems with dopamine production; and you’re going to display symptoms of tremors festination, or shuffling gait, called Parkinson’s disease. There’s no such thing as Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson is the name of a doctor – Dr. James Parkinson. Parkinson’s disease is the descriptive label of cellular malfunction of dopamine producing cells in the brain.

I can show this physiological pathway with every “dis-ease” label known to man. The readers need to know that there is only one disease, cellular malfunction with two causes to the 10,001 “labels” on the one disease.

The medical answer to the cellular malfunction is to prescribe symptom suppressive pharmaceutical drugs, cut out the symptoms with surgery, administer chemotherapy, or radiate the body and poison the cells into an even further damaged state instead of fixing what’s really wrong with the patient.
The medical training curriculum in the top university medical schools of Harvard, Baylor and Stanford make sure that the medical doctors are not taught the most important subject matters of symptoms verses disease. Remember, these are 20-year-old kids that want to be an MD. They’re sitting in front of a professor in a position of trust with a white coat who’s probably on the payroll of a drug company. So, due to the infiltration of millions of dollars in the form of grant money or research money, they make sure that they do not teach the two subject matters that are the answers for cellular disease treatments: homotoxicology and nutritional biochemistry.

“Antoine Béchamp was able to show scientifically that it’s not the bacteria or the viruses themselves that produce disease; they are an aftermath of diseased tissue. Germs are the chemical by-products and constituents of pleomorphic microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced, malfunctioning cell metabolism and dead tissue that actually produces disease. So once again, disease-associated microorganisms do not originally produce a disease condition any more than mosquitoes cause a stagnant swamp. The diseased, acidic, low-oxygen cellular environment is created by a toxic/nutrient deficient diet, toxic environmental exposures, toxic emotions, and a toxic lifestyle. This supports the morbid changes of germs to bacteria, bacteria to viruses, viruses to fungal forms and fungal forms to cancer cells in the body. Had Béchamp’s breakthrough discoveries been incorporated into current medical curriculum, it would have meant a virtual elimination of disease and the end of the pharmaceutical industry.” – Gary Tunsky “The Battle For Health Is Over pH.”

Most medical doctors are unaware of the toxic free radical assaults against the DNA, cell membrane, genetic material, and the deficiencies of nutritional elements that are the building blocks of the cells. The reason why these two subject matters are totally eliminated in medical school is because if they were ever taught that toxins cause cellular damage they would have to point their finger at their own profession and question their own toxic medicine, unnecessary organ removal, nuclear radio isotopes, chemotherapy, and radiation, and say, “Well, Professor, you’re telling us that X-Rays and the category of synthetic toxic compounds are the main cause of disease and cellular malfunction. Then why are we writing symptom suppressive prescriptions with multiple side effects? Why are we using mustard gas derived chemotherapy cocktails and cobalt radiation which causes cancer. And why are we using radio isotopes and medium contrast dyes that can cause DNA damage and leukemia?”

All of these treatments rob nutritional elements, make cellular respiration worse, cause dehydration, wipe out the immune system, and make cellular pH more acidic, allowing future opportunistic infections and disease to flourish.

The fact is if they were taught the truth, their whole empire would crumble because it’s built on a foundation of junk pseudo-science that cannot withstand the light of truth. When you start with a lie based on pseudo science you’ve got to maintain that lie to protect the economic system. The whole medical profession is built on symptom suppression mechanisms. Symptoms are not the disease they are just the warning signals of the cellular screams or cries due to cellular malfunction caused by toxicities and insufficiencies.

What’s interesting is these two factors cause a cascade of other problems that will eventually drive you into the hospital. Cellular detoxification should be one of the main treatment options of medical doctors to remove the cellular toxemia from the colon, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and blood so the cells can function properly again. That is not even addressed in the medical profession. There is not one mainstream medical doctor that will implement a cellular detoxification program and very few will ever recommend nutritional protocols. The disease epidemic will continue to escalate exponentially until real health care is brought into the equation.

Source: Dr.CellTox - Gary Tunsky

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