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Cellular Toxins & Cellular Insufficiencies Are The Root Cause Of Cellular Malfunction That Medical Science Labels DISEASE

“What do you think the medical profession is built on? Confusion, chaos and mystery! Their strategy is to get you to believe that there are 10,001 different diseases all needing outside intervention from drugs and surgery, when the truth is that there is only one disease – CELLULAR MALFUNCTION.” – Quote by Gary Tunsky from the book “The Battle For Health Is Over pH”
With over twenty plus years of extensive culminating research in diverse fields of cellular disease pathology, I have discovered there are five conditions that cause poor health. The first three only account for approximately 5% of all the health problems that plague America. They are:
  1. Hereditary weakness (genetic predispositions).
  2. Congenital deformity.
  3. Permanent organ injury (accidents and sports injuries).
The other two, or remaining 95% that are the direct cause of mankind’s disease and suffering are caused by Cellular Toxicities and Cellular Insufficiencies, over which the principles of cellular cleansing, healthy diet and lifestyle play a tremendous part. The two pillars which hold up the temple of disease are primarily the result of multiple vaccinations starting from birth, toxic mercury poisoning from dental fillings, an impoverished/nutrient deficient diet, inverted way of living, continuous exposure to toxic air, environmental contaminants, food and beverage contaminants, toxic chemicals from water (chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, petroleum distillates, etc.); and an extensive list of toxins contained in cosmetics, toiletries, and household cleaners.

Cellular Toxicities and Cellular Insufficiencies never occur separately, they always occur together in combination as a compounding effect where one plus one does not equal two, but equals 10, 20 or 100 times the health wrecking potency when you combine thousands of chemicals in the bloodstream.

As cellular contamination (toxins), nutritional deficiencies and cellular insufficiencies progress, they place the cells, tissues, organs, systems, and eventually the entire body into a state of stress, disorder, or Dis-Ease. When the cells malfunction and cannot perform their tasks, organ malfunction eventually occurs with a resulting cascading system malfunction; eventually leading to body malfunction.

This sub-par congestive health condition is what I refer to as the “Medical Twilight Zone of Dis-Ease” where the patient is neither healthy nor in a severe trauma crisis state. They are somewhere in between where they have fallen into the cracks of one of the estimated 10,001 categorized disease labels and are well on their way to a life-threatening illness, and eventually death if not corrected.

In a full array of lab assays conducted by a medical doctor entailing such things as X-Rays, PET Scans, MRI’s, CT Scans, Immune profiles, blood pathology, and hormonal assessments, the patient will most likely show few signs of abnormality because none of these tests have established parameters for measuring early decline of health, nor can they detect cellular toxicities and cellular insufficiencies. Consequently, the patient will either be blamed for bad genes, getting older, given a clean bill of health, be labeled by their doctor as psychosomatic or hypochondriac, or worse – be given symptom suppressive pharmaceutical drugs which will only shove the disease deeper with the patient unaware of the fact that they’re getting sicker because the drugs only mask their symptom(s) but do nothing to treat the real cause of their problem which is at the cellular level.

There are over 100 abnormal Dis-Eases that won’t register on blood tests, urinalysis, PET Scan, X-ray, computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This doesn’t include the unseen emotional toxins such as anger, bitterness, stress, anxiety or un-forgiveness that eventually lead to physical illness and can never be detected through means of medical diagnostic equipment. Unfortunately, laboratory tests are only calibrated and limited to detecting chronic, severe crisis situations where it’s often too late to take preventative measures. Their advanced equipment can easily detect liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, strokes, kidney failure, heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, metastasized tumors, etc., but not the medical twilight zone of Dis– Ease caused by cellular toxicities and cellular insufficiencies.

If you have toxic residues, heavy metals and plaque accumulating in the intestines, liver, blood, tissue, and cells and nutritional building elements are not able to penetrate the cell membrane to regenerate the cell’s genetic material and remove metabolic waste, then metabolic efficiency, energy and hormone/neurotransmitter synthesis is greatly reduced which will manifest symptoms of extreme lethargy, muscle weakness, gastric distention, aches and pains, depression, memory and concentration problems. These symptoms are God’s intelligence to warn us of a deeper cellular malfunction. Remember; only after massive numbers of cells malfunction or die do you begin to notice symptoms of disease. In other words, you’re already sick before you get sick.

Allopathic physicians are taught that if you can’t see it in an X-ray or detect it through lab assays, if you can’t hear it in a stethoscope, or feel it in a palpitation, it’s doesn’t exist, even though the patient’s whole body is in a state of stress or Dis-Ease. Since medical students are not taught the subject of toxicology and the dangers of accumulated toxins that cause free radical damage to the cells or the necessities of live, whole food nutrition to establish and maintain health, the entire sick-care industry can keep disease in the medical twilight zone, where no cures can be discovered and a medical monopoly of risky surgeries and lethal pharmaceuticals can keep you on the medical money-go-round, with these companies profiting hundreds of billions of dollars each year on crisis care.

It is estimated that over 75% of all office visits to medical doctors are in the medical twilight zone category of neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, stress, increased blood pressure, Syndrome X, fibromyalgia, gastric disorders, skin disorders, acute bacterial, fungal and viral infections, mental disorders, immune-suppression, and auto-immune disorders, that are all caused by two things – cellular toxicities and cellular insufficiencies. The medical profession addresses neither, yet continues to thrive as the patient spirals downward or dies.

Typical of such twilight zone disorders are symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nervousness, severe fatigue, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, brain fog, joint aches, and a lost feeling of well-being, which are intelligent warning signals of a healing crisis. These symptoms are the cells’ cry or scream to the brain to warn you of a cellular malfunction in a certain organ or system.
These subjective symptoms cannot be revealed by laboratory analysis until they have reached chronic degenerative proportions or metabolic disease states, nor can pharmaceutical agents treat them because these symptoms are indicative of nutritional deficiencies and cellular insufficiencies coupled with toxic cellular debris. There’s a sliding scale between health and trauma, what I refer to as the medical twilight zone of Dis-Ease. 90% of all office visits to a medical doctor are the subjective symptoms of this gap which cannot be revealed by laboratory analysis until they have reached the point of crisis or trauma care. Pharmaceutical agents do nothing to remove toxic residues in and around the cells, nor do they fix nutritional deficiencies or cellular insufficiencies. In fact, they add more toxins and rob more nutrients from the body. Only natural, non-toxic treatment and detox protocols can reverse the illness.

All medical twilight zone Dis-Eases are endogenous and are the body’s built in intrinsic wisdom instituted as a response to a healing crisis; a purging of toxins to prevent the chronic disease from settling in. These built in body-instituted purging symptoms of runny nose, mucous discharge, sweating, diarrhea etc. are misinterpreted as disease, when in reality they are the body’s effort to eliminate toxins or decaying morbid waste through the elimination pathways via skin, colon, urine, liver, or respiratory system.

To the medical establishment – fever, diarrhea, mucous secretions, coughing, nasal drippage and excessive perspiration are looked at as unnecessary nuisances to attack or suppress when in fact they are intelligent purging mechanisms to expel toxic debris from the blood and tissues that have overloaded the elimination and detoxification pathways. In their ignorance, medical doctors are drugging the symptoms of toxicities, nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies at the cell level, or surgically removing organs based on these conditions. If they only knew that once the toxic waste residue is excreted, the cells would be allowed to absorb oxygen and intelligent nutrients again, and the body’s organs and systems would self-heal and return to homeostasis, or balance and order.

According to Dr. John R. Christopher, the father of modern herbology, “The germ is the scavenger that lives on toxins, mucous, poisons and filth. They are nature’s perfect garbage men. We should work with them, not against them. With most incubation they multiply faster and faster. To live they must eat, and the only thing they consume is the filth of the body. When all the garbage is cleaned up, they leave because they have nothing more to live on.”

Source: Dr.CellTox - Gary Tunsky

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