Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Understanding the body's pH and Alkalinity

Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment even if it's inside your body. We begin with an introduction of Dr. Carl Reich and Robert R. Barefoot, biochemist.

Robert Barefoot has an extensive background as a biochemist specializing in nutritional health research. He has produced a large number of scientific publications on the body's pH and its relationship to degenerative diseases and health. He is one of the authors of The Calcium Factor, along with Carl J. Reich, M.D., and wrote Death by Diet at his wife's request to reduce the scientific language to terms a layman could understand, and so understand the main elements of disease and how to change it.
Originally Dr. Carl Reich came to Robert Barefoot to find out why, when treating his patients with calcium deficiencies such as arthritis, unusual things were happening with his patients' health problems. Their diabetes disappeared, their cancer disappeared, and he asked Barefoot, "What am I doing?"

In 1981, Robert Barefoot and Dr. Carl Reich began intensive medical research into the relationship between disease and nutrition. They were astounded while reviewing medical and scientific libraries because thousands upon thousands of publications written by world renowned scientists and doctors showed that disease and nutrition are in fact related. They confirmed that it is common knowledge that disease could be prevented and cured by diet and that doctors and the public have very little knowledge regarding these issues. There is massive scientific evidence proving all the claims made within their publications, which can be verified at your library or from publications on the Internet.

Dr. Carl Reich and Robert Barefoot also found, as people get older they become deficient in nutrients. They state that one usually thinks a good diet would keep you alive, but apparently it's not what we do eat, it's what we don't eat. These deficiencies cause your body to become very acidic, which triggers cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, etc. This is explained molecule by molecule in the publications.

Dr. Otto Warburg (twice a Nobel Prizewinner) and Robert Barefoot are together in their thoughts that most diseases are caused by the body lowering into an unnatural deadly acidic state. Every researcher knows that, so why don't doctors alkalize their patients? Well, most doctors don't know how to alkalize a person because they only get a few hours of education on nutrition. The bottom line is the research is available, and we do know how to properly feed the body and alkalize it. This is amply covered in Dr. Carl Reich and Robert Barefoot's publications Death by Diet and The Calcium Factor and on this website.

Remember, EVERY time Dr. Warburg put a tumor into an alkaline medium, it would die within seconds. According to Dr. Warburg, to kill cancer all you have to do is make your body . . . ALKALINE by taking certain supplements and by following some commonsense health rules. The basic elements or minerals for raising the body's pH are calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace metals, as well as vitamins and water.

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